Friday, May 11, 2012

uh oh

Well it has happened. I mean, I knew it was already happening...but today it was official.

I am no longer "with it".

While checking out the woot t shirt of the day recently, I saw the  one below and loved it. After all it was organic cotton and depicted a ultra awesome hippie-type design of the four elements! Earth, air, fire amd wind!! Just up my alley! It arrived in the mail a few days ago and I wore it today for the first time. My morning started with the "Mother's Day Brunch" at my son's school. I walked in his classroom door and instantly felt like a celebrity! All the kids LOVED MY SHIRT! Then they explained it actually isn't a hippie shirt at all, but rather some reference to this anime cartoon called The Last Airbender. Of course I have never seen the show and looked like some out of touch OLD PERSON surrounded by preteens giggling at my obliviousness to all that is cool.

This is probably the first of countless times my son and his peers make fun of me...

Here's hoping I still find it funny in the years to come ;)

My jeans are so dark that my arm appears to be floating!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

the creation of lactic acid...

Today I will crawl out of my cycle of ennui and join a gym.

The screeching noise you will hear at about 11:30 AM EST will be the sound of muscle fibers, long frozen in place, ripping and shredding and exploding from within their sheaths.

But I have a theory that if I were sculpted and deliciously fit, then I would attract better energy  into my life. Maybe it's true that my diet of oreos and painful reminiscing does lead to weight loss (as my jealous friends hypothesize) but it isn't improving my mood.

So the gym it is...I will take some pictures for ya'll to prove it. And if I end up going more than once every 6 months, it will be a miracle of spring :)