Sunday, June 23, 2013

some things I love...

This boy...texting his friend who happens to be a girl.
Claiming he was NOT sleepy...and more importantly was NOT interested in the girl he was texting and that he NEVER would be able to sleep in this "strange smelling beach house".
He was asleep within minutes...

My new (to me) camera which I don't understand AT ALL. I can't even see well enough anymore to figure out all the buttons and levers. And I am too lazy to read the manual/bible that came with it. But I think if I were rich enough to retire I would travel the world, collecting discarded items, snapping pictures and showing off the beauty in the ordinary.

Here's me trying to capture the "super moon". For some reason the flash was determined to fire...and though I was using a fancy remote-activated trigger - I still managed to wiggle the camera enough to make it appear more like a "super glow worm". Heehee.

Saturday, June 22, 2013